• Extends Azure Resource Manager (ARM) to automate resource lifecycle to resources running outside of Azure
  • Managed resource types:
    • Servers—Windows/Linux, physical/VMs
    • Kubernetes clusters
    • Azure Data Services—run on-prem or at the edge in Kubernetes
      • SQL Managed Instances
      • PostgreSQL
    • SQL Server
    • VMs—lifecycle management
      • vSphere, Azure Stack HCI


  • Manage resources outside of Azure through same control plane
    • Automation
    • Azure API
  • Apply RBAC, tagging etc. to on-prem resources
  • Azure Security Center—ensure compliance of all resources
    • OS patching
    • Enforce encryption
    • Policies across cloud/on-prem
  • Send all logs to central Azure Monitor
  • Interact via Azure Portal, CLI, SDK, and Terraform
  • Manage legacy hardware in the cloud

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