• Framework for organizations to migrate to the cloud
  • Agnostic of cloud provider
  • Formed of four themes, and three phases
  • Cloud maturity scale allows for measurement of progress
  • Predefined epics serve as a starting point for adoption of the framework



  • What is the quality and scale of learning programmes?
  • How are teams upskilled?


  • How IT trams are supported in cloud migration by leadership—exec sponsorship?
  • Are teams cross-functional, collaborative and self-motivated?
  • What is the team structure?
  • How are budgets allocated?
  • What governance is in place?


  • What is the current extent of cloud native services?
  • How are updates handled?
  • How is capacity allocated?


  • How are services protected from unauthorized access?
  • Is an identity-centric model used?
  • What security controls, technology and strategies are in place?



  • Individual workloads in place in the cloud
  • Not strategy for future migration
  • Focus on quick wins and cost reduction of individual systems
  • Unable to scale
  • Not necessarily pejorative—a crucial stepping in the process of reaching the transformation phase
    • Allows experimentation, and lessons to be learnt
  • Benefits from TCO analysis first—a jump straight to the strategic phase could be beneficial if the ROI of this phase is minimal


  • A broader vision governs individual workloads—workloads designed for future scale/needs
  • People/processes now involved in the strategy
  • Effective IT teams
  • Can be applied to a subset of the organization—used as a blueprint to other departments


  • Cloud operations running smoothly—cloud-first strategy
  • IT becomes an engine of innovation—no longer a cost-centre, but a partner to the business
  • Now able to integrate data and insights into the wider business gathered from working in the cloud
    • Existing data shared
    • New data collected and analysed—AI/ML

The Cloud Maturity Scale



  • Epics in coloured segments most important
  • Use as starting point for creating user stories to implement the framework



Graph View