• Allows you to define cloud and on-premises resources in human-readable config files
    • Check in to version control
    • Reuse
    • Share
  • Standardized workflow across all cloud vendors
  • Improves:
    • Reliability—removes config drift arising from manual changes
    • Manageability—easy to make changes


  • Version control—track changes, perform rollbacks
  • Automation—reduce human errors, increase efficiency
  • Reusability—provision new, identical infrastructure as needed
  • Scalability—changes can be made and applied automatically
  • Collaboration—collaboration amongst teams, infrastructure managed and versioned centrally
  • Audibility—complete history of all changes, useful for compliance, security, and troubleshooting


  • Day 0—provision/configure initial infrastructure
  • Day 1—OS/app config after initial infrastructure build

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