• Generates dynamic secrets granting access to AWS resources
  • AWS role configured in Vault—when valling Secrets Engine, a new IAM user is created, with role bound to that user
  • Caller is given key pair to access AWS as that user
  • Can revoke key via Vault


  • Enable:
vault secrets enable -path=aws aws
  • Configure:
vault write aws/config/root access_key=<AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID> secret_key=<AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY> region=<REGION>
  • Create role:
    • Secrets engine creates IAM user
    • Role is attached to user—defines permissions user has
vault write aws/roles/<ROLE_NAME> credential_type=iam_user policy_document=-<<EOF
# ...
  • Generate secret
    • Each run causes Vault to connect to AWS and generate a new IAM user (with role defined above) and key pair
vault read aws/creds/<ROLE_NAME>
  • Revoke secret
vault lease revoke aws/creds/<ROLE_NAME>/<LEASE_ID>

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