Lift and Shift

  • Quick—change of hosting environment
  • Minimal advantage—not utilizing cloud benefits

Improve and Move

  • Modernize during migration—take advantage of cloud capabilities
  • Requires new skills and code changes

Rip and Replace

  • Remove technical debt—take full advantage of cloud features
  • Requires most time/skill investment

Strangler Pattern

  • Lift and shift monolith, then break apart into microservices over time

Migrate for Compute Engine

  • Migrate VMs to Compute Engine
  • Lift and shift
  • Test-clones—pre-migration validation
  • Replicates instance data to Google Cloud in the background—zero interruptions
  • Source environments:
    • VMware vSphere
    • AWS EC2
    • Azure VMs
    • Physical servers with supported OSes (e.g. CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows Server)


1. OnboardChoose source VM
2. ReplicateSnapshot taken and replicated, incremental snapshot every two hours
3. ConfigureSet details for landing zone
4. Test-clone(Optional) Clone VM to Google Cloud for testing in sandbox environment
5. Cut-overStop source, create new Compute Engine instance, roll-back manually if required
6. FinalizeRemove replication data, delete test VMs

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