• End-to-end Terraform blueprints and Modules
  • Organization-wide landing zone blueprint—Fabric FAST
  • Reference blueprints—network patterns, product features
  • Set of lean modules
  • Makes extensive use of Terraform Resource Factories

Data Landing Zones

Fabric Shielded Folder

  • Problem:

    • Typical presales path:
      1. Demo
      2. Share demo with customer—turn into MVP
      3. But doesn’t comply with customer’s security policies—needs rework before taking to production
  • Solution:

    • Fabric Shielded Folder
    • Opinionated folder configuration—best practices
    • Mini-landing zone
      • Organization Policies
      • Hierarchical Firewall Rules
      • Audit log sink
      • CMEK
      • VCP Service Controls
    • Single module—fast to set up
      • Not staged like FAST
    • Can move workloads into main landing zone after MPV
    • Why folder-level?
      • Doesn’t interfere with org-level landing zone
      • Host workloads inherit constraints from folder they belong to
      • Ready to be moved once foundation is implemented
      • Also use case for rapid landing zone

Minimal Data Platform


Graph View