• Working with Terraform as a team:
    • Shared state—minimum requirement
    • Shared Terraform execution environment—ideal
  • Terraform Cloud: team-oriented remote Terraform workflow
  • Features:
    • Remote execution
    • Workspace-based organizational model
    • VCS integration
    • CLI integration
    • Remote state management
    • Cross-workspace data sharing
    • Private module registry

Remote Execution

  • Runs on disposable VMs in HashiCorp managed infrastructure
    • Can also use agent to run Terraform on self-hosted infrastructure
  • Consistency and visibility
  • Allows for Sentinel policy enforcement


  • Collection of infrastructure config—organize resources into meaningful groups
    • cf. directories in Terraform CLI
ComponentTerraform CLITerraform Cloud
ConfigOn diskIn linked VCS
Variable values.tfvars, CLI args, env varsIn workspace
StateOn disk/remote backendIn workspace
Credentials/secretsShell environment/entered at promptsIn workspace
  • Workspace stores: state versions, run history
    • Audit trail, recovery
  • Best practice: split monolithic config into smaller workspaces
    • e.g. networking, app tier etc.

Remote State Management

  • Remote backend
  • State tied to workspace
  • Access state in other workspaces with terraform_remote_state data sources
    • Workspace-to-workspace run triggers to update workspaces when dependencies change

Private Registry

  • Works like public registry
  • Share providers and modules across organization
  • Versioning
  • Searchable
  • Sync public modules/providers
    • Designate which are recommended in the organization
  • Can use Sentinel policies
    • e.g. Mandate use of modules from private registry


UI/VCS Workflow

  • Primary workflow
  • Webhooks registered with VCS
    • Runs started upon commit/merge
    • Speculative plans started upon pull request—can see plan in PR output
  • Workspace linked to VCS branch—changes to other branches ignored
  • Manual runs available
  • Default: plans require confirmation in UI before apply

API-Driven Workflow

  • Workspaces not directly associated with VCS repo
    • No webhooks
  • External orchestration needed to trigger Terraform runs against the Terraform Cloud API—CI/CD pipeline
  • Code uploaded to Terraform Cloud as tar.gz file

CLI-Driven Workflow

  • Triggered from CLI
    • plan
    • apply—only allowed for workspaces not linked to VCS (ensures single source of truth)
  • Integrates with existing CI/CD pipelines
  • Familiar to developers
  • Uses local config with remote workspace state and variables—allows preview of changes without need for credentials

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