• Database to map configuration resources to real world remote objects
  • Recommendation: use remote state to allow multiple users to apply updates against the same environment

Reasons for State

  • Contains metadata, e.g. resource dependencies
    • Required if resource removed from config—Terraform needs to know how to destroy (as no longer present in the config)
  • Performance
    • Default behaviour—refresh state with every plan and apply
    • Can disable with -refresh=false—forces state to become single source of truth

State Locking

  • Supported by some backends
  • Automatically locks state for all write operations
  • Prevents others from acquiring lock and writing to state—prevents corruption
  • Use force-unlock command to manually unlock where automatic unlocking fails

Sensitive Data

  • Local state—unencrypted JSON
  • Remote state—may be encrypted at rest (backend specific)
  • Best practice: treat state as sensitive data

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