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  • Manufacturer of heavy equipment for mining and agriculture
  • 500 dealers/service centres in 100 countries
  • 2 million vehicles in operation with 20% annual growth
    • Big data—2.4 million vehicles next year
  • Telemetry from vehicles:

Existing Technical Environment

  • Vehicle data aggregation and analysis infrastructure in Google Cloud
  • Global clients
  • Sensor data collected from manufacturing plants and sent to private DCs
    • Legacy inventory and logistics management systems
    • DCs have multiple network interconnects with Google Cloud
      • Cloud interconnect—10 Gbps minimum
  • Web frontend for dealers and customers:

Business Requirements

  • Predict vehicle malfunction to ship parts to dealerships for just-in-time repair
  • Decrease cloud ops costs
  • Adjust to seasonality
    • Compute Autoscaling
    • Prefer serverless—IoT Core, Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage, Dataflow, BigQuery, AppEngine/Cloud Run
  • Increase speed/reliability of dev workflow
  • Remote developers
    • Productivity
      • Cloud Code
    • Code/data security
      • IAM
  • Platform for custom API services for dealers/partners
    • Apigee

Technical Requirements

  • HTTP API abstraction layer for legacy systems
    • Insulate for gradual move into cloud
  • Modernize CI/CD pipelines
    • Cloud Build
    • Container Registry
  • Container-based apps
    • Cloud Run / GKE
    • Prefer Cloud Run to App Engine
  • Allow developers to run experiments
    • Security
    • Governance
      • Sandbox projects
  • Self-service portal for internal/partner developers to:
    • Create new projects
    • Request resources for analytics jobs
    • Centrally manage access to API endpoints
  • cloud native solutions for keys/secret management
    • Optimize for identity-based access
      • KMS, Secret Manager
  • Improve/standardize tools for apps/network monitoring/troubleshooting

Executive Statement

  • Focus on customer
  • Customer service—minimize downtime
  • Want best-in-class fleet management for customers
  • Improve operations of dealerships
  • 5-year plan:
    • Create partner ecosystem of new products via access to data
    • Increase autonomous vehicle capabilities
    • Path to move legacy systems to cloud
      • Migrate for Compute Engine, Migrate For Anthos

Potential Solution Design

Terramearth design


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